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I like this.

Do I like it a lot? No.

It’s interesting, it’s funny, and it’s touching. It’s also filed under ‘children’s literature’ which I believe to be a gross mistake, as the content is hardly suitable for those we deem ‘children.’

So far, though, I quite like it. It hasn’t impressed me, it isn’t new or unique, but it’s neat enough. I particularly like the way the protagonist, Todd, is written in crude slang. It makes me feel as if I’m reading his unfiltered thoughts, and such a realistic portrayal is refreshing. It can get a bit annoying though, and there are several contradiction which show a predilection towards the more clinical and grammatically correct which undermine this device.

I’m nearly finished, and I hope that this one ends well, so as to compel me to pick up the next book. Otherwise, this trilogy will have to be filed under ‘unfinished,’ just like the ill-fated ‘Hunger Games’ (have mercy!)