Ahh school has gotten to me, but holidays have now started. I’m justing posting this as a quick reminder that I’m still alive, and ready to resume blogging! 🙂

Well, I don’t have anything much to say, but I’m currently doing quite an interesting experiment. I’m trolling some very old (as in they probably don’t remember me) school friends on ask.fm. They’re from a lower socio economic background, and I’m very interested in how they think. This has led me onto the accounts of several muslim Australians, and I’m truly amazed at their sense of community. It actually makes me feel rather left out. They have nicknames, slang and lingo for things. They’re civillised (most of the time), witty, snarky and extremely self conscious. They have a sense of belonging, and are not completely guided by their religion, as mainstream media might have you believe.

I’ll keep you all updated as well, if you’re interested.

**Note: by ‘trolling’ i mean asking them questions, reading some of their other answers. Maybe I push their buttons a little bit, but I am in no way offensive, nor rude.